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Take A Ride With Annie Champeau, Harley-Davidson Museum®

Take A Ride With Annie Champeau, Harley-Davidson Museum®

My name is Annie Champeau, I am the Director of Sales for the Harley-Davidson Museum® private event business in Milwaukee, WI. I lead a team of three additional sales people and came to the venue pre-opening, in November of 2007.

Since opening in July of 2008, the Harley-Davidson Museum offers a glimpse of American history and culture like you’ve never seen it before – through the successes and trials of an iconic American company. Interactive, eye-catching exhibits present an unparalleled collection of legendary stories of our nation’s last century.

As one might imagine, the Harley-Davidson Museum attracts fans from the world over. And since we opened our doors, it’s been my privilege to book numerous, memorable private events on our 20-acre campus, which includes six event spaces as well as a park-like outdoor setting surrounded by the Menomonee River here in downtown Milwaukee. The work is not without its challenges, but I wake up every day invigorated, ready to make each event an incredible one. ​ Here is a look at one of my days as Director of Sales:

4:50 am – My alarm chimes, but, like most days, I’m already awake and walking through my day in my thoughts. The planning starts before I leave the comfort of my bed.

7:00 am - After showering, packing a lunch, walking the dog, and locking down the condo, I arrive at the office.

7:00 am – I start my day in the office by quickly reviewing emails, reading post-event summaries from the previous evening’s events, invoicing clients, documenting sales, and sending post-event thank you notes.

8:30 am – Complete sales projections for the remainder of the year for home office and distribute updated schedule of events to the front of house operations team.

9:30 am – Back to emails and voicemails. Due to hosting both corporate and social events onsite, clients communicate at all times of the day. After responding to each client’s needs, and having been sitting for 4 hours, it’s time to stretch with a walk around the venue to look at room setups for upcoming events.

11:00 am –I follow up on all outstanding inquiries to see if my proposals have been received and check for questions.

11:30 am – Host a site visit with a potential event client.

12:15 pm – Grab lunch from the break room fridge and eat at my desk while I look at my upcoming event schedule, review LinkedIn® activity, read business-related publications, detail banquet event orders, and create custom floor plans to send clients for review.

1:00 pm – Check in with any onsite clients to assure everything is running well, and follow up with the operations team to provide any feedback.

2:00 pm – Site visit with a potential event client. I meet them, give an overview of the 20-acre property, hone in on their specific needs then show appropriate spaces and answer questions.

3:00 pm – Weekly check in with Harley-Davidson to go over current and upcoming events.

4:00 pm – Back at my desk to answer any outstanding emails.

4:30 pm – I head home to let out my Bichon-Poodle, Andre, and take him to my sister’s house where he will remain until Friday when I pick him up after work. I share custody of Andre with my nieces and nephews.

5:30 pm – Head to the gym to work out.

7:00 pm – Swing by the grocery store so I have nutritious food for lunch tomorrow.

8:00 pm – Dinner is served – small salad, quinoa, and baked cod followed up with a Skinny Cow® ice cream bar.

9:00 pm – Watch the news.

9:30 pm – Get into bed and review my following day’s schedule on my phone.

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